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Tea saponin, which is extracted from Camellia plant, is a new Natural Non-ionic Surfactant, which offers obvious beneficial effects in the aquaculture, agriculture, construction and other industries.

Tea Saponin- An Active Ingredient
from Camellia with Huge Potential

Botanical ingredients not only play an important role in food and cosmetics markets but also in many other industries, such as agriculture, aquaculture, chemical, pharmaceuticals, textiles and construction sectors. More and more people believe that using botanical ingredients may be more sustainable and efficient than using chemically synthesized products, especially in agriculture and livestock production. So do we. Therefore, we are dedicated to maximizing the valve of plant extract and explore more possibilities of it.

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Using tea saponin is the most efficient way to eliminate unwanted fishes, molluscs and harmful insects in shrimp ponds. Tea saponin will decompose on its own quickly without leaving accumulated waste in water. In addition, it can stimulate the molting and growth of shrimp at the same time.

100% Natural Pest Fish Killer for Shrimp Farming

Tea saponin is the best molluscicide to eradicate mollusks and the safest pesticide for vegetables, fruit trees, food crops and industrial plants. In addition, the product contains the nutrients of tea seeds, such as amino acids, proteins and vitamins, which can enrich the soil in the meanwhile. As a natural surface-active agent, tea saponin can lower the surface tension of the liquid pesticide and be used as a cosolvent and enhance the effectiveness of other insecticides.

100% Natural Pesticide & Organic Fertilizer

Tea Saponin is an excellent natural non-ionic surfactant, and it has been used widely in many magnificent constructions in China as a new type of Air-Entraining Agents. It can decrease the surface tension of water and provide air bubbles of high quality and high stability to the concrete. It's highly recommended for almost all types of concrete, and it serves primarily to improve the freeze-thaw resistance, durability and workability of concrete.

100% Natural Air-Entraining Agent for Concrete

Tea saponin can kill snails, earthworms and other pests in turf effectively and improve the utilization of other pesticides at the same time. Tea saponin contains high levels of organic matter and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, which not only increases the organic matter content of the soil and provides rich nutrients to the lawn, but also prevents overgrowth. In addition, tea saponin regulates the pH value of the soil without hardening it.

100% Natural Lawn Environmental Regulator

As a 100% natural & plant origin surfactant, tea saponin is a perfect alternative ingredient to formulate cosmetic products like shampoo, shower gel, mouthwash, cleaning paste... It can replace many common surfactants, like sodium acyl glutamate, to create a generous foaming effect, with cleaning and antimicrobial actions on cosmetic product formulation.

100% Natural Non-ionic Surfactant

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